Monday, December 30, 2013


watercolor 8 x 10

Lesson from Hanna Adler workshop

Hanna show us several of her landscape painting and point out the design elements of landscape. This is the home assignment.

One two three go

watercolor 8 x 10
lesson from Hanna Adler workshop

This is a lesson on washes using dark colors. I tried to paint the dark background to show the white shirt on the musician. My problem is not being patient enough to let the water and color pigment work its magic and force them to work my way. The result is overworked areas. I had a lot to learn. This is the third try of the same painting.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Watercolor 12 x 16
I took a break from oil painting this summer and attended Hanna Adler's watercolor workshop. It has been several years since I last touched watercolor and I was excited to get back to it. After several lessons on wash and design elements, I finally get to paint a portrait from a photo of my grandson. Hanna's approach emphasis on building shapes with layers of transparent colors, reveal the light and shadow by color temperature. That's a lot to digest and apply the knowledge to real painting. This is my third try for the same painting.